How to treat stretch marks at home?

Stretch marks are one of the most common concerns especially for women. Those marks can disappoint some while others are least bothered about them. Stretch marks due to work out and regular exercise is nothing to be ashamed about because those are the results of your daily hustle to keep your body in shape and fit. Different women have expressed their mixed feelings regarding the appearance of stretch marks on their body parts which becomes even more visible when you are in some bath suit, shorts, bikini or other flashy wardrobe items.

These discoloured streaks on your skin can appear red or glossy over time. These marks are caused during pregnancy as well as when you shed a lot of weight due to daily workout. They can appear on any part of your body and the most common locations are thighs, breast, hips, abdomen and buttocks.

Stretch marks are commonly caused due to rapid weight gain. They mostly occur when you are pregnant as the skin stretches to accommodate a growing belly. These are visible on the skin as stretch marks. It can also occur if the person is growing too fast especially during puberty or after a rapid increase in the muscle size. Although these marks are not at all harmful and doesn’t cause any health risk.


Massaging is one best way to heal stretch marks. Using good oil while massaging will get you good results. Gentle massages will also improve blood flow and will heal the scar tissue which leads to stretch marks.

Body cream and oil treatment

Applying specialized creams is one of the simplest ways to treat stretch marks. These creams will include all-natural ingredients which can make your skin better. It will heal the deeper layers of the skin which was ruined due to excess weight in the past and will also keep your skin soft and gentle. Vitamin E oil is very effective in reducing stretch marks. Once you start applying it on your affected areas regularly, you can see the positive results as it reduces the appearance of marks. It also helps in maintaining collagen in your skin.

Hydrate your body

Water and other liquids keep your skin hydrated and will also make it healthy. The proper hydrated skin will always function properly and will be able to repair themselves. Keeping your skin cells healthy will let your skin glow and shine.

The results of all these procedures differ from person to person. However, these methods are highly recommended ones when you are fighting your battle against stretch marks on your body. Age and your skin tone are great factors in this entire process and these marks do not cause any medical harms.

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