Herbal Skin Care Myth Finally Revealed!

If you are like me, you probably have heard about herbal skin care. It sounds like the perfect solution to all of your skin problems. An organic, natural way to have young, soft, firm and tight skin that seems to defy the aging process. The problem is that most products advertised as being natural and herbal – are not! This article will reveal the truth of herbal skin care once and for all.

My biggest pet peeve in the industry is the myths that are perpetuated by brand name products and manufacturers. They advertise products as being all natural, herbal and organic, but in fact, many of these “herbal skin care” products are full of synthetic ingredients like parabens, fragrances, mineral oils and so on.

They don’t hide this from you because the ingredients have to be included in the label, but they misdirect you with fancy advertising, attractive models and promises they can’t keep.

Often, when they advertise a natural product, it is bending the truth to the point of breaking. Collagen for example, is advertised as an amazing natural ingredient that will fill in your wrinkles and make you look younger. They don’t mention that their collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid ingredients come from pig or bovine sources and they definitely do not mention that due to large molecules, these ingredients cannot even be absorbed by the skin.

They include their products with synthetic fillers because they are cheap, yet still advertise as herbal skin care. These chemicals are irritants and can cause allergic reactions leading to red, inflamed and swollen skin. There is however, at least one company I know of in New Zealand that spend the majority of their budget on discovering and clinically proving their herbal skin care range to come up with a natural and herbal treatment for the skin that delivers on everything the mainstream industry cannot.

This natural product contains ingredients such as Cynergy TK, which contains a function protein Keratin that has amazing skin healing properties. It also stimulates collagen and elastin naturally so that your body can create its own anti wrinkle routine. Other amazing ingredients include Phytessence Wakame which prevents hyaluronic acid breakdown to keep these proteins together and working to give you tighter, firmer and softer skin.

These ingredients and many more that have been clinically proven are available and there are products that will give you natural herbal skin care that actually works. You just have to find them.

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